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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  May 26, 2019 7:00am-7:59am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, severe weather in the heartbehind aea fierce winds ripping through el reno, oklahoma. this hotel and trailer park torn apart, reduced to rubble. >> bodies everywhere. people everywhere. >> the terrifying scenes of destruction and the life-threatening weather this holiday weekend still to come. fear and loss. >> survival story. a hiker missing for more than two weeks in the dense hawaiian wilderness now describing how she made it through. >> it did come down to life and death and i had to choose, and i chose life. >> how she kept her strength, and her message to the people
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japan journey. president trump's meeting with prime minister abe, combining golf, selfies and diplomacy, not to mention a ringside seat at a sumo wrestling match as he responds to north korea's latest new this morning, alligator attack. a woman suffering serious injuries while swimming in a florida lake. how good samaritans rushed to help her and how she's doing this morning. and escape plan, the notorious drug lord known as el chapo making a list of requests including more outdoor time at this federal correctional facility. could he be planning a dramatic rooftop jailbreak? good morning, on this memorial day weekend.we hlive l
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orl ds of americans who paid the ultimate price while fighting for this country. >> people out there cleaning it, in fact. >> absolutely, getting it ready for the long weekend. truly important to remember why this holiday exists and a sincere thank you to all of those who served this country. we do have breaking news we have this morning. we are getting a first look from the air in the after math in the tornado that swept through the city of el reno, oklahoma. and the results are destructive and deadly. at least two people have died. debris littering the ground. >> you can see a hotel there, badly damaged and a mobile home park mangled and there is more dangerous weather on tap today and tomorrow for millions of americans. from heavy rain to flash flooding to more possible tornados. in fact, in the last week or so we've had 164 reported tornados in 11 states. so we begin our coverage this morning in amarillo, texas, where rob is right there tracking it all.
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rob, good morning. >> such a tough, tough week here for folks in the u.s. the floods and the tornado damage, and just when we thought we could get through the destruction, another town gets hit. overnight, a frantic search for survivors after a tornado barrelled through oklahoma killing at least two people. and this morning officials fear that number could rise. >> it's been a serious, serious event here. it's very tragic. we have all hands on deck. >> reporter: that search focused on el reno, reports of injuries there after the tornado destroyed this hotel. a mobile home park across the street also taking a direct hit. new images from above showing the utter devastation. mobile homes tossed about, cars crumbled. >> just bodies everywhere, people everywhere, don't know dead or alive. >> reporter: debris sent flying as powerful winds and rain ripped through the area, leaving over 50,000 people without power across the state. these buildings reduced to rubble. >> we're in the tornado right
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now. >> reporter: this after a week of strong storms left homes along the arkansas river almost completely submerged. residents surveying the damage to their neighborhoods by boat. in tulsa county the keystone dam releasing water at more than 1.8 million gallons per second. putting immense pressure on the levies there. >> just hoping that the levy don't go. if it does, we're up a creek. it's going to get all of us. >> reporter: people urged to conserve water after a treatment plant was shut down. rising flood waters reached the electrical panels. county leaders say they could run out of clean drinking water at any time. >> we think the water is still rising. there may be people that are fine today that may not be tomorrow. >> reporter: with more than 164 reported tornados in 11 states since monday, people across the heartland are holding their breath as the threat of severe storms and flash flooding continues to loom from the plains to the mid-atlantic. >> stay close to your family because you never know when something's going to happen.
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>> reporter: there is the double whammy. not just tornadoes but the flooding, that can't be under stated and that's on going. the risk continues today with swollen rivers and rivers at near or record flood stages. there's the rain that is coming through this morning through kansas city, tulsa, oklahoma city. you have a round of storms last night. rapid city under flood warnings. there's that. and a severe weather that will continue today. it will lessen a bit. the mid-atlantic and northeast, ohio valley, hit with almost daily rounds of storms. louisville, cincinnati, d.c., philly, you will see it today. and dodge city, the high plains, the rifkt of severe weather that could very well include tornadoes. the risk tomorrow, north platte, des moines, rain and hail and a tornado or two. we will talk aboutn't heat in the southeast just a bit. back to you.
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>> rob marciano, thank you. >> joining us is alonzo adams who lives just outside of el reno and witnessed this deadly weather event. alonzo, thanks so much for speaking with us. we truly appreciate it. this suspected tornado hit at night, perhaps when a lot of people were sleeping. what did you experience when it roared through? >> i was watching it on tv like most central oklahomans. it looked to be just like a regular oklahoma thunderstorm with rain and hail and lightning. all of a sudden it hit, tornado sirens were blasting here in my area and the next thing you know they were talking about debris in the air. i got into my car and headed out to el reno on interstate 40 and as you got into el reno around the highway 81, i-40 area, you saw debris scattered everywhere. >> alonzo, as you mentioned, many of these communities are equipped with tornado sirens. how much of a warning did people put do a
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significant tornado. >> alarming to know people maybe didn't have much time to react. we also know one of the hardest hiiler park ripped to shreds according to some witnesses. how would you describe the damage left behind there? >> i couldn't believe what i was seeing once i got there. the tornado damage completely leveled parts of the hotel, motel. there were cars thrown into the front part of the hotel. there was a car embedded into the side of a hotel. i could see one trailer home that was flipped on top of another trailer home. there was significant damage for that type of tornado. >> this morning, search and rescue crews will be out sifting through that damage. what's your biggest concern as those efforts get under way today? >> the biggest efforts are -- the challenges i see is lots of people going to see this damage. that's going to hinder some of
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the response time. so i would say people need to stay away from the area and give the first responders time to do their work and get everything, you know, back to somewhat normal. the other is the amount of damage. there's going to be power lines down. there's going to be, you know, gas, pipes that have been ajar and busted so everyone needs to stay away from there and that's going to be a big challenge for the first responders. >> alonzo adams, thank you so much for speaking with us. >> yes, thank you. >> another thing alonzo told us, he was comparing it to the tornado six years ago, same area, deadly tornado. he said this one was close, not quite as bad. this morning as the sun comes up they're still getting a sense of the devastation out there. >> you can't really see any of that until the sun is up. >> they have light on it all. >> exactly. >> thanks, whit. now to that incredible story of survival. new details this morning about the hiker who disappeared for more than two weeks in the hawaiian wilderness. abc's marcus moore is in maui. marcus, what have we learned? >> reporter: eva, good morning. we are just outside maui memorial hospital where amanda eller has been recovering from
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her injuries that she suffered during this two-week long ordeal that had so many worried about her, some even fearing the worst. this morning, speaking from her hospital bed we are learning new details about amanda eller's extraordinary will to survive. these photos showing the moment after she was rescued from a dense and rugged hawaiian forest. >> it did come down to life and death and i had to choose, and i chose life. >> reporter: the 35-year-old yoga instructor living on berries, plants, and guavas for 17 days as she meandered through unfamiliar and unforgiving terrain. >> the last 17 days of my life has been the toughest of my life. >> reporter: amanda at one point braving a flash flood and finding shelter in a cave, according to her mother. >> she spent the night in that cave which water was coming into, about a foot of water.
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>> there were times of total fear and loss and wanting to give up. >> reporter: "the new york times" reporting amanda fell 20 feet from a cliff, fracturing her leg, adding that she spent one night in the den of a wild boar, the cruel consequence of what her mother says was a regular walk. >> she sat down and rested on a fallen log and just kind of meditated and took a little nap and when she got up she was disoriented and followed her instincts trying to get back to her car. >> reporter: her suffering coming to an end thanks to a volunteer search and rescue effort led by friends and strangers dubbed amanda's angels. javier spotted her from the helicopter. she was wedged between two waterfalls in the forest and this is video of the moving moment she is finally lifted to safety. >> and there she goes! >> this is just like a tiny little blip of my story and my life and it serves a much, much bigger purpose. >> marcus, this was a real community effort in finding amanda. her family and friends creating their own search party after authorities called off the official search.
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who paid for all of this? >> reporter: yeah, eva, it really is remarkable. the community paid for this. they raised thousands of dollars. in fact, that's how they were actually able to get a helicopter to continue the search for amanda, ultimately finding her in that ravine. just remarkable. it's an example of how a community coming together can truly have a positive impact in these situations. meantime, amanda, as she continues her recovery, she could be released from maui memorial at any moment now, and that is good news for her and so many others here. whit? >> marcus, thank you so much. we switch to politics now. president trump in japan on a visit to address security, diplomacy and trade, downplaying a north korea missile test and making an appearance at a sumo wrestling match. abc's white house correspondent tara palmeri is with the president in tokyo. tara, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. it's been quite the weekend.
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president trump didn't just get to watch his first sumo wrestling match. he sat ringside and was the first american president to present a trophy to the champion. >> as sumo grand champion, i hereby award you the united states president's cup. >> reporter: overnight president trump in japan presenting this colossal 70-pound trophy to the sumo wrestling champion. >> it's a great ancient sport, and i've always wanted to see sumo wrestling. >> reporter: outside the stadium a mix of supporters and protestors. this weekend japanese president shinzo abe charming trump with golf, lavish dinners and a meeting with the emperor in the hopes of striking a more favorable trade deal. n thade deal but ing thi they won't announce it until after the japanese election in july. >> the prime minister and i talked a lot today about trade and military and various other things. i think we had a very productive day.
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>> reporter: while in the region trump sending a message to north korea by brushing off their latest rocket launches, tweeting, north korea fired off some small weapons which disturbed some of my people and others but not me. i have confidence that chairman kim will keep his promise to me. in that tweet, president trump boasts about his relationship with kim jong-un as a way to take a jab at his political rival, joe biden. he tweets that kim jong-un called biden a low iq individual. aides to biden said the tweet is erratic and unhinged. dan? >> tara, thank you. i want to pick up on this tweet. so let's bring in our chief foreign affairs correspondent martha raddatz who's in d.c. where she's going to be hosting "this week" later this morning. martha, good morning. so put this trump tweet in context for us. here we have the president of the united states appearing to side with a murderous dictator who by the way has a nuclear program that could endanger our people over a former vice president of the united states who happens to be campaigning against him. so am i seeing this correctly? >> i think you are seeing that correctly.
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and whether president trump wants to just confuse north korea by going against john bolton who is the one who said these missiles were very dangerous -- and by the way, those small weapons can travel about 300 miles that he tested and probably do violate u.n. sanctions, u.n. regulations. so i don't know whether he's trying to confuse someone, but i think the bottom line, dan, is that he wants a deal with north korea. we are about two weeks away from the anniversary of the singapore summit where he said that north korea no longer posed a danger with its nuclear weapons, and there has been zero signif koa. >> let me switch gears here. back here at home you spent some time out on the campaign trail with the up and coming, much discussed democratic presidential candidate mayor, small town indiana mayor pete buttigieg and you asked him about the possibility that the president may pardon american servicemen who have been convicted of war crimes.
7:15 am
let's listen to that. >> he said we teach them to fight and they get treated unfairly and he is going to look at those cases to see if perhaps they can be pardoned. >> for a president, especially a president who never served, to say he's going to come in and overrule that system of military justice undermines the very foundations, legal and moral, of this country. when you serve, you are agreeing to serve the constitution and to uphold the law, and frankly, his idea that being sent to fight makes you automatically into some kind of war criminal is a slander against veterans that could only come from somebody who never served. >> again, the president is considering pardoning american servicemen who have been convicted of war crimes. are these pardons likely to happen and is pete buttigieg's opinion shared among your many, many military sources? >> i will have to say, dan,
7:16 am
politics aside, the military members who i have spoken to, active duty and retired, are pretty appalled by the president's comments, and again, they say it's absent evidence of innocence or injustice, the wholesale pardon of u.s. service members accused of war crimes signals our troops and allies that we don't take the law of armed conflict seriously. it's a bad message and a bad president. that is the former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, martin dempsey. i think he tries to stay out of politics but this one really galled him. >> martha, thank you very much. i want to remind everybody, martha is going to have much more of her interview with mayor pete buttigieg on "this week" later this morning. plus, on the show she's going to go one-on-one with the house republican conference chair liz cheney. that's coming up on "this week" later this morning right here on abc. thanks again to martha raddatz. we're going to move on to one other piece of news. an apparent shark attack on a beach in hawaii, a 65-year-old man killed right in the middle of this busy holiday weekend. witnesses say they saw him being pulled under from the beach in
7:17 am
maui. rescuers found the man who was a visitor from california about 60 yards offshore but they were unable to revive him. >> that part of maui extremely popular, filled with resorts too so it will have a significant impact on tourism there. >> yeah. scary day on the beach. >> absolutely. let's transition, get back to rob marciano who's been watching the weather out of amarillo, texas. rob, you've had a long number of days on the road. the severe weather threat though continues. >> good morning, yes, we have a threat for storms today and a hol holiday weekend. and a lot of people on the road. and route 66 from santa monica and right through amarillo. we have heat in the southwest. i don't have to tell you that. past couple days, record height.
7:18 am
u augusta, georgia, they are actual temperatures. it's really, really hot. dwoe have snow. if you want to cool off, go to mammoth mountain. they will ski until august. and late season shoe v showers to l.a. and snow to parts of mammoth mountain and good sunday morning. i'm lisa argen waking up to our storm impact scale. a 1 today, looking at some scattered showers, maybe some brief downpours and temperatures well below average. it's going to be breezy and you can see the partly cloudy sky here. tomorrow it will be sunnier and still on the cool side, but we're looking at warmer weather each and every day. j9 oakland, in concord. the accuweather seven-day forecast, some sunsh
7:19 am
>> as destructive as the storms can be, it's quite blufl. we were out chasing storms with photographers. we will show you the images later in the program. >> you've done some great work and be careful out there and get some sleep. you need some rest. >> yes. the historic win overnight for the toronto raptors, sealing their spot in the nba finals for the first time, beating the bucks in dramatic fashion. the stage for the nba finals is set. overnight, after decades of championship drought in toronto, the raptors soaring over the milwaukee bucks in a historic comeback, at one point down 15 heading into the final stretch. but the raptors roaring back, sending fans into a frenzy. while the raptors are their first nba finals, their opponents, the golden state warriors led by steph curry, are
7:20 am
returning to their fifth straight finals. but it's what's off the court that has people talking. toronto's sixth man and team ambassador, drake, celebrating the big win. >> drake, the reaction. >> reporter: and making himself known from the sideline throughout the playoffs, at times drawing the ire of opposing teams but what about the drake curse? >> i love toronto, i love this team. we're going to the nba finals. >> reporter: the grammy award winning raptor notorious for picking the losing side over the years from alabama to conor mcgregor, even prompting one italian soccer club to bar players from taking pictures with drake until the end of the season. you know those athletes can be very superstitious. >> poor drake. >> he was just cheering. oddsmakers giving golden state as the strong favorites. they've been to the finals a zillion times. >> this is the first canadian team too make it.
7:21 am
>> you were the one that noticed that this morning of all of us. >> you called it a historic moment. >> dan with a sports history reference for the first time. now we have this reay i love this story. a team from agatha's classic school in columbia, tennessee, coming out on top of the national high school mock trial championship. it's a tiny, tiny school from a small town. only 215 students, that's pre-k through 12th grade, facing off against schools much, much larger than theirs. they managed to win the trophy, facing competitions from all over the country, beating a well known nebraska program in a unanimous decision. it's interesting. that nebraska team, they actually scrimmaged right before this tournament and they realized they weren't prepared so they had to go back and fix it all. the team, four seniors, three juniors and a sophomore, congratulations. >> congratulations.
7:22 am
ntwh iasouer.o wel but congratulatily. >> you mean it didn't go well for the parents. >> or me either. we want to transition to a much more serious story, a woman attacked by an alligator while swimming in a florida lake.ans a her rescue. a breath of fresh air or part of an elaborate plot. why prosecutors want to keep notorious drug king pin el chapo from going outside. "good morning america" is sponsored by geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. ometown trivia and 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. g.m. g."good morning americ sponsored by geico. ohhh. ooh ohh here we go, here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying? oooo. oh no no. maybe that geico has been proudly serving the military for over 75 years? is that what you wanted to say? mhmmm. i have to say, you seemed a lot chattier on tv. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years.
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available where you buy groceries. ♪ ♪ nature's recipe knows a dog's big life is measured in wags. so we carefully choose every ingredient - like chicken, pumpkin and sweet potato to fuel their best life. also try nature's recipe true treats and prime blends. good morning, everyone. i'm chris nguyen. developing news in san francisco. 12 people have been displaced after a two-alarm fire in hunter's point. the fire started just after 4:00 this morning on ennis avenue near 3rd street. about 70 firefighters battled the blaze at a three-story home.
7:28 am
the fire also spread to a nearby building. crews say no one was hurt. people are being asked to avoid the area. the fire is now under investigation. turning to weather now and the bay area forecast with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hey, chris, good morning to you. breezy and windy out there. live doppler 7 picking up on showers and mixed precip in mt. hamilton. right now lots of clouds for everyone but the rain will be with us on and off and the winds, look at the gusts, up to 33 miles an hour in oakland. the accuweather seven-day forecast, just 50s today, warmer and dry for the holiday. >> thanks for joining us. the news continues right now
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welcome back to "gma." here's what's happening right now. speaking out, rescued hiker amanda eller who spent more than two weeks lost in a hawaiian forest before being airlifted to safety from her hospital bed, eller saying there were times of total fear and wanting to give up but she chose life. she's now recovering from a leg fracture, ankle abrasions and a severe sunburn. we have a major earthquake to tell you about this morning. it happened in peru. the u.s. geological survey says the preliminary magnitude is 8.0. it hit the north central part of peru and was felt in the capital of lima. also this morning a toddler
7:31 am
in china said to be okay after a frightening fall and a heart stopping rescue. a man parking his car, did you see that, when he spots that 2-year-old on a ledge five stories up, caught him just in time. the rescuer is okay the timing of that -- unbelievable. >> doesn't even look real. it looked like a doll falling. not an actual child. amazing they're both okay. >> thank goodness he was there. >> yes. we want to take a look at our top story, the tornado that tore through el reno, oklahoma with lives lost. kocr reporter patrina adger is there with more. >> reporter: we're at the skyview mobile home park here in el reno which is practically unrecognizable here. take a look, that is actually a car dealership in the distance there. over here to the right is that trailer park which is unrecognizable. we're not able to get back there because there are first responders who are still trying to see if there's anything that they need to recover from here. also, if you come over here too, this is a hotel, a hotel that is unrecognizable. there's vehicles underneath. you see a lot of debris just
7:32 am
thrown everywhere, just shells of buildings here in el reno. back to you. >> we are taking a look now live at new pictures -- they're not live. they're aerials that were taken just a short time ago. now that the sun is coming up they're finally getting a chance to see -- and you see it there -- the incredible amount of damage. just everything splintered and torn apart that they are now having to go through. >> you can see that there. witnesses were telling us that it hit in the middle of the night. many people were sleeping. they didn't have much warning, although the sirens in some places did sound. now as day begins, search and rescue efforts begin, we're getting a first look at the damage and it's significant. >> they always say when these things hit at night, especially with the dark rain coming through, that's the worst time because people are asleep and many times they're not prepared for that tornado as it comes through. tuion. a lot of pl we're going to continue to cover this story throughout the day for sure here on abc. we want to move on now to another developing story. it involves a woman in florida who was attacked by an
7:33 am
alligator, now hospitalized with serious injuries and abc's zachary kiesch is here with much more on that. zachary, good morning. >> dan, good morning to you. she's expected to make it but still a scary situation. alligator attacks are actually pretty rare. they're naturally afraid of humans. that said, we are just on the tail end of mating season, a time when fish and wildlife officials warn alligators become more active and visible. >> reporter: this morning a woman is recovering after being attacked by an alligator in florida. >> a girl started screaming. >> we pull her out and her side and her thigh was open. >> 23-year-old female that was bit by an alligator. patient has injuries to her side and arm. >> reporter: witnesses say the woman was amongst a group of people in the lake when suddenly she started screaming. the crowd scrambling to pull her to safety. >> several people grabbed towels and shirts and wrapped her side and leg. >> reporter: the victim was then loaded onto a waiting medical
7:34 am
helicopter and rushed to a trauma center. brevard fire and rescue tweeting, the victim suffered significant bite injuries. florida fish and wildlife agents on the scene in port st. john searching for the 8 to 10-foot alligator but so far it has not been captured. this attack coming nearly one year after a deadly alligator attack near miami. a woman in that case was killed by this 12-foot gator while she was walking her dogs. the incident happened at about 2:30 in the afternoon in a small town near the coast. there are about seven unprovoked attacks a year in the state. officials often warn don't swim after dark, you know, from dusk to dawn, however, this attack happened in the middle of the day. >> i was struck by the statistics that you named, that there are a million alligators out there and only about seven attacks a year. >> for the number of alligators there aren't a lot of attacks.
7:35 am
>> the people there in florida know that alligators are around. >> rare but alarming still. zachary, thank you. we want to turn back to the forecast once again. rob marciano is in amarillo, texas. in an area that is hard hit and the there are more to come. >> good morning, we are going to el ro know. we will head there to report on the tornado there. yesterday, we were storm chasing in this area that can be beautiful. as damaging as the plains r when you get in the plains,s the high v sky is wide open. it's amazing. we were out with storm chasers who are excellent at taking pictures. i want to show you a time lapse video one of my friends who's a storm chaser took yesterday in texas. you see the windmills in the sky there, gorgeous stuff. highlighting some of the dynamics there. today the threat is once again in the high plains. here it is. look just north of lubbock, amarillo, dodge city. hopefully if something it does
7:36 am
pop, it will miss some of the sparse towns here. louisville, cincinnati, d.c. and philadelphia, daily roun thtos. mae so sonndand hail there. here's your memorial dand tomor. denver looks okay. warm and dryer finally in texas and oklahoma and the record highs continue out there. a handful of memorial day cities for you. here you go. looking at victory, michigan, good sunday morning. we're waking up to a little bit of sunshine but by 10:00 scattered showers around the bay area. look at the temperatures staying in the 50s to maybe low 60s. we'll have the possibility of a thunderstorm with very gusty winds today. >> this weathercast is sponsored by m&m's. what's more american than m&m's. i'll tell you what, the two in our crew right here, jim and roger gower, two navy veterans. they've been with us all week. end. off to you guys and of n i
7:37 am
guys. 're a little delirusmein.t's br. it's been a long week, my friends. >> yes, and yet you have done an incredible job. thank you to you and your whole team. it's a hard job out there. thank you, robert. really appreciate it. coming up here on "gma," could the notorious el chapo be planning an elaborate jailbreak? the requests that have prosecutors concerned here. and one of my favorite stories, the spice girls, they kick off their reunion tour. their message to fans, that's ahead for us. diane has it in "pop news." >> i've never heard your voice in that tone. in that tone. (clapping) it's the flavor we've all been waiting for.
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welcome back to "gma" on this sunday morning and the concerns this morning over the notorious convicted drug lord el chapo, the feds fearing recent requests by joaquin guzman known for his escapes from two high
7:42 am
security prisons may be part of an elaborate plan to break out yet again. abc's erielle reshef joins us with more. good morning. >> rr:ood morninto you, po's aorneys arg conditions of his two-year solitary confinement has been inhumane with no sunlight or fresh air. they want a judge to approve a specific list of requests. federal prosecutors are not buying it, saying it's all part of the drug lord's latest ploy. he's one of the most notorious drug kingpins in the world. >> the notorious drug lord el chapo -- >> el chapo. >> el chapo. >> joaquin "el chapo" guzman. >> reporter: now federal prosecutors expressing concern that he could be plotting his next jailbreak. >> he was a killer. he was a murderer. he was a manipulator, but he was also very, very smart. >> reporter: guzman behind bars at a federal correctional facility in new york, convicted of ten counts of drug trafficking and conspiracy to murder. in recent weeks his lawyer submitting a letter to a judge, asking that el chapo be allowed at least two hours of outdoor
7:43 am
recreation per week, access to the commissary, earplugs, water bottles and other accommodations, lamenting that the conditions of his solitary confinement violate the 8th amendment's ban on cruel and unusual punishment, as well as deamens of requests may be part of a brewing scheme to bust out. prosecutors citing this foiled 1981 jailbreak at the same facility, hijacked helicopters dropping weapons to inmates on the roof as they unsuccessfully attempted to flee. el chapo, the so-called ringleader of the ruthless sinaloa cartel, infamously managing to escape two mexican prisons in the pas onehrou this mile-long underground tunnel. the cunning criminal ultimately captured and whisked to the u.s. to face justice. >> he sees the window closing because he's about to be sentenced.
7:44 am
so maybe he thinks that his best chance to get away again would be while he's still in new york. >> reporter: el chapo is due to be sentenced in june. he faces life behind bars. right now he's being housed in that correctional facility here in new york but he could be transferred to a maximum security prison in colorado known as the alcatraz of colorado so he would have no chance -- virtually no chance of escape. >> the window is definitely closing. >> it's closing. >> erielle, thank you very much. really appreciate it. coming up, something entirely different. we're going to save you a little money. becky worley's got the memorial day deals you cannot miss. keep it here. becky worley's got the memorial day deals you cannot miss. keep it here. ey's got the holiday deals you cannot miss. keep it here. along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first and ease into quitting. chantix reduces the urge so when the day arrives, you'll be more ready to kiss cigarettes goodbye. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix,
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welcome back to "gma." if you're not at the beach this holiday weekend, chances are you're hitting the stores. there's some good shopping that happens so where are the deals to know about? abc's becky worley has your road map to savings. >> reporter: memorial day weekend, remembrance and ushering in summer and that transition means deals so let's talk strategies for this sale weekend. winter gear, prices are slashed, but the problem is you want summer gear. this may be one of the best times before summer to get a discount on things like grills or outdoor furniture. we're not talking mega deals but 15, 25% off. stores want you in the door. another idea, big ticket purchases. when it comes to appliances and mattresses, strangely, this may be one of the best times of the year to purchase. clothing, we're seeing big blanket discounts at the big chains, gap, 40% off everything. old navy, 50% off all your summer gear, shorts, swimwear. even lululemon who never has a
7:49 am
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7:54 am
girls story. aladdin is soaring to a whole new world. on its way to making over $100 million during its memorial day weekend debut. the musical stars will smith as the genie, mena massoud as aladdin and naomi scott as jasmine. scott actually surprised some tiny fans at an l.a. movie theatre, posing for pictures with them in the lobby. the little girls were dressed as princesses. safe to say, day made for those little girls. >> i took my son. he loved it. it might have had something to do with the fact that i gave him a tub of popcorn this size. >> i base all my movies on alexander's reviews. if he approves i will go see it. >> thumbs up. some ariana grande fans are not so happy. they are saying thank you next to madame tussaud's attempt to honor the pop star. here's a wax figure the museum is now showing off but fans are saying that the nose, the eyebrows, they're all off. some even say they're offended by the sculpture. >> looks pretty good to me. >> what do you guys think?
7:55 am
>> uh -- >> uh -- >> okay, that's how dan and eva feel. >> hard pass on commenting. the spice girls are thanking the group is sharing these pictures saying it felt amazing to be back on stage and that it this is the first time the '90s girl group had performed in seven years, though this time around, victoria beckham, aka posh spice, is not joining them. the next stop is wales. right now there's no plan to come to the u.s., but that won't stop real fans from seeing them. isn't that right, eva pilgrim? >> i'm taking off time to go to london to see them at wembley. >> eva is actually taking off work to fly to england and see the spice girls. >> it's a girls trip. >> we're advised not to say this on television -- >> one of our bosses sent me an email saying we have to discuss your music choices. >> she's been making it last forever because the friendship never ends, right? >> whit with the song lyrics. >> and they're going back for more. >> if only she could find >> this is not g
7:56 am
not getting better. >> favorite song? >> i don't know. i like them all. there are different dance moves. >> love you, eva. we'll see you next weekend. stay tuned for martha. good morning, everyone, i'm kris nguyen. both directions of highway 17 are closed because of a crash. according to the chp a car traveling south crashed into a pole near idyllwild road just before 1:00 this morning. pg&e was sent out as a precaution around 2:00 a.m. one woman has been arrested. there is no estimated time of reopening for either direction. new overnight in the south -- new oversight in the south bay, both directions as we just mentioned of highway 17 are closed right now following that crash.
7:57 am
again, more details online at happening today, the sights, sounds and flavors of latin america will attract thousands of people to san francisco's missiontrthis marks the 41st ye carnivale. today is the festival and grand parade. mayor london breed is set to be there. it will take place on harrison between 16th and 24th. it starts at the corner of 24th and bryant. turning to weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> hey, chris. we are starting with live doppler 7. higher elevations getting some rain around fremont. we've got a rain/snow mix around big sur, also mt. hamilton. it's going to be one of those days. partly sunny right now but showers and we've seen temperatures in the mid-30s around mt. hamilton and around the central coast, we are getting wet. some sun, certainly windy, cool, 54 in mountain view. you can see this vantage point,
7:58 am
winds are gusting to over 30 miles an hour. it is 55 in conkoefcord, 52 in livermore. with the winds today it's going to be a raw afternoon. we could see a chance of a thunderstorm. brighter tomorrow. >> thanks for joining us. "this week with gorge stephanopolous" is next. we'll
7:59 am
man, that's a cool looking hot tub. we should check on the baby. he's so sweet. maybe too sweet? internet's down. go! your home is only as smart as your internet. get reliable at&t fiber and get speeds up to 300 megabits per second and directv. bundle for 75 dollars a month for 12 months. limited availability. may not be in your area. more for your thing. that's our thing. call 1-800-call-att. >> announcer: "this week" with
8:00 am
george stephanopoulos starts right now. >> announcer: "this week" with george stephanopoulos starts right now. pelosi trading barbs. >> another temper tantrum. >> she's a mess. >> battling over investigations and impeachment. >> they want to do a redo of the mueller report. it's over. there is no redo. >> democratic leaders say impeachment isn't the answer, but with trump stonewalling congress, is impeachment the only way to investigate trump, and is that exactly what he wants heading into 2020? house republican conference chair liz cheney is here to respond. and we're on the trail with mayor pete buttigieg. >> it's a continuing horror show right now in washington. >> the afghanistan veteran


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